New team members promoted to support ongoing success

by connect
(left to right: Karen, Mindi, Tian, Jingwei, Maureen)

Connect Landscape Architecture would like to welcome five new members to our team. We are excited by their contributions to our team, projects and the overall goal to deliver innovative, meaningful and relevant solutions for our clients and the communities we serve. 

“Our values are at the core of everything we do, our strength is in our people, and our success is driven by the love and passion for our craft.” 

Ken Larsson, Principal & Creative Director

TIAN TIAN  (MLA, BA | Senior Landscape Designer)

Tian enjoys working collaboratively on engaging projects that connect people to culture and nature. With 10 years professional practice in both Vancouver and China, Tian found her passion for Landscape Architecture with concept design, detail development, and overseeing construction. see more

MINDI WANG (MLA, B.Eng | Landscape Designer)

The interest in biodiversity brought Mindi to Vancouver to attain her Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. She recognizes the diversity in the urban environment from a non-anthropocentric perspective, aiming to contribute to the coexistence of humans, plants and wildlife. Mindi may be seen around the city with her camera to explore and record people’s lives, urban features, flora and fauna. see more

MAUREEN SAVAGE (MLA, BA (Visual Arts) | Landscape Designer)

Maureen enjoys the complexities of designing landscapes that benefit people, plants, and wildlife. Her work as a landscape designer allows her to draw from her education in design, visual art, and sciences. To each project, she brings her life-long passion for nature, art, and a keen interest in the human experience. see more

JINGWEI ZHENG (MUD, BLA | Landscape Designer)

With her background in both landscape architecture and urban design, Jingwei brings a vision to integrate cultural, social, and architectural thinking into her work in landscape design. Jingwei desires to create public spaces where people can equitably enjoy and embrace nature in cities and find small delightful moments in their consistent daily life. see more

KAREN TOMKINS (BES, EMD, MLA | Landscape Designer)

With a background in ecosystem management and outdoor education, Karen brings a passion for strengthening connections between people and their local ecologies. She has a particular interest in soil ecology as a foundation for health and resilience across many scales. see more

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