MEC Head Office + MEC Brooksbank

Vancouver/ North Vancouver, BC

The LEED® Platinum MEC Corporate Headquarters is a highly
visible example of a high-performance building and landscape:
passive energy, water management, and both interior and exterior
amenity for occupants.

Located on the original China Creek, the project “daylights” and
passively treats stormwater. The ‘blue roof’ captures rainwater
for irrigation and non-potable building use. Stormwater is filtered
and managed through a series of rain gardens and native water-wise
plantings. A large intensive green roof and rooftop patio offers
leisure space, vegetable planters, and fruit trees for employees and
corporate clients.

The North Vancouver MEC Store features innovative ecological strategies to mitigate the urban heat island and stormwater runoff while providing recreational amenity for store customers, staff, and visitors to Lynn Mouth Park. Pedestrian scaled spaces, bicycle facilities, and a boardwalk to a community room are creatively integrated within the site.


2015 SAB Green Building Award

2015 BC Wood Design Award

2013 City NV Award of Excellence

LEED Platinum

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Proscenium Architecture, KWL, North By Northwest

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