Vancouver Island University Cowichan Campus

Duncan, BC

The Vancouver Island University, new Cowichan Campus is a place for celebration and learning. Through consultation with the Cowichan Tribes, First Nations’ values and culture are expressed in the open building format, cultural artifacts, the use of wood and ethno-botanical gardens. The connection to the greater landscape of Cowichan Valley is reflected in extensive wet grasslands, large Bigleaf Maple trees and multiple green roofs that recreate meadow, forest and coastal bluff ecosystems.

Predevelopment runoff is retained and treated on site through permeable surfaces under the parking lot and the entrance plaza, rain gardens and wet meadows. Rainwater is also collected in cisterns to irrigate climbers on green facades and trees on the rooftop amenity area.


2013 GRHC Award of Excellence

LEED® Gold Certified

Vancouver Island University

Garyali Architects, Yellow Ridge Construction, Paradise Cityscape

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