YVR International Terminal ‘Spirit of the Sea’

Richmond, BC

Built to celebrate the ‘Spirit of the Sea’, the design and installation of the YVR West Chevron interior thematics greets international travelers. Project installation successfully bridges conceptual design with technical challenges associated with building inside an airport.

Visitors engage in a transformation from urban city to water’s edge. Centered along a central stream course the design uses refined materials and world-class art. Dempsey Bob’s ‘Raven Creek Woman’ is a spectacular yellow cedar, Musqueam inspired sculpture that sits atop an urban water feature symbolizing the evolution of the indigenous river people.
The stream meanders toward a 30,000-gallon aquarium, bridge crossings, seating, vegetation, and glass art.


2012 Urban Design Award

2011 LULU, Richmond Urban Design Award

2010 CSLA Award of Excellence

2009 - 2019 ITAA Best Mid Sized Airport

YVR Airport Authority, Vancouver Aquarium

Stantec, Panther Construction

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