Front Page: Landezine

by ConnectLA


Sharp & Diamond is thrilled to have our Jericho Park Restoration project featured on the front page of Landezine, perhaps the most estimable online Landscape Architecture website currently in publication.

Landezine sources projects from across the globe, providing a comprehensive view into the current state of Landscape Architecture. For this reason Sharp & Diamond sees this publication as not only a success for our company, but a success for the city of Vancouver and specifically The Vancouver Parks Board, the owner of Jericho Park and our client on this project.

SD would like thank Ken Larsson, Oren Mizrahi, and Brett Hitchins for their work on the Jericho Park Restoration project. Also, a big thank you to Brett Hitchins of Sharp & Diamond and Brett Ryan Studios for his photography.

Here is a photo of SD’s landscape architect for the project, Oren Mizrahi, reading (or admiring?) the site’s Historical Design Panel.

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