Front Page: BCCS Daycare at Hanna Court

by ConnectLA

Sharp & Diamond’s project the Burnaby Children’s Centres Society Daycare at Hanna Court has been featured on the front page of World Landscape Architecture magazine.   World Landscape Architecture is a web magazine, written by practicing professionals in the industry, that provides landscape architects and students with news and information about the profession.   The article highlights the Daycare’s “Natural Play” theme, which:

“inspired the overall design, lending form to a variety of play elements that work together to create a unique and interactive playground within an area of under 500m2. Plant material was chosen for sensory appeal (e.g. colour, texture, smell), sense of place (e.g. Pacific Northwest native vegetation) and for ease of maintenance. Interspersed within the planting areas are smooth logs and boulders, which encourage exploration. Organically arranged vertical posts mimic the forest backdrop and together with brightly coloured circular steps provide a ‘maze’ for children to move through and play. A custom cast water ‘trough’ provides a route for water to travel towards a rounded sandbox and allows for children to play with and control the flow of water in the space. The project meets the challenge of providing an interactive, ‘natural-themed’ playground within a minimal area.”

Below is a link to the featured article.

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