Arbutus Greenway Design Jam

by connectadmin

Arbutus Greenway Design Jam

Connect Landscape Architecture is proud to be an active participant in reimagining the Arbutus Greenway.

Eason Li, Designer recently volunteered as an illustrator during the Arbutus Greenway Design Jam on October 28th to October 29th in Vancouver.  The Design Jam is a multi-day workshop facilitated by the City of Vancouver in which more than 100 participants from across Vancouver work together with the project team to explore the possibilities of the future Arbutus Greenway. During the workshop, Eason helped stakeholders visualize the ideas and concepts. Through his involvement, Connect Landscape Architecture has gained valuable insight and understanding of the vision for this major city corridor.  We are excited about the future possibilities for Vancouver!

In the News: Westender Article

More information: City of Vancouver website

Images by Eason Li

image courtesy of City of Vancouver

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