Granville Island Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

by connect

Last night Granville Island celebrated its 35th anniversary. The celebration was held in the square behind the public market, next to False Creek. The weather a typical rainy day in Vancouver, False Creek Ferries cruised gently past the tents holding well over a hundred guests –representatives of nearly every shop, studio, or organization on the island– and catered food and drinks from island merchants was plentiful and delicious.


Predominantly, it was a celebration of Granville Island’s tremendous success, and an evening of recognition for all those who were involved in it. Among others involved in the Island’s original conception, Randy Sharp was named as the Landscape Architect responsible for creating the memorable civic spaces on the Island that are so beloved by Vancouverites and tourists alike.


In the 1970s, the Federal Government redeveloped Granville Island, transforming it from an industrial site into the artist-based public community it is today. It stands now as a diverse locale, where residents of Vancouver and visitors can experience year-round a variety of cultural, recreational, educational, commercial, and industrial activities. The community has been truly exceptional, and the atmosphere of connectivity between merchants and artists is unique in Vancouver. However, with the upcoming departure of Emily Carr School of Design, Granville Island is currently in the midst of deciding its next steps in terms of development.


Sharp & Diamond continues to be involved with Granville Island’s development, with our most recent project in 2012 redesigning the public space outside The Net Loft. With massive changes to the community imminent, Sharp & Diamond will be at the forefront of design teams submitting for projects in the upcoming years, striving to build our relationship with Granville Island and continue earning our involvement in this significant Vancouver community.

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