The Mark: Daycare Opening

by connect

The Mark is an exceptional upscale high-rise residential tower in the Downtown South area of Vancouver. The tower is a fusion of urban development and sustainable design; featuring a green wall, rooftop agriculture, and integrated stormwater management, The Mark strives to offer luxury accommodation while meeting environmental goals.

Sharp & Diamond has been providing landscape design consultancy and administration for The Mark since day one, and we are happy to announce that the project has reached a successful conclusion.

Thursday May 22nd saw the grand opening of the children’s daycare centre and the main office of the Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres (VSOCC). There was a formal event held by VSOCC in the early evening, which featured an interactive drum presentation –for Sharp & Diamond, the highlight was watching Takashi Tomono shred on the bongo drum. In addition to the drum session there were engaging presentations (most memorably a parade consisting of children from the daycare), and refreshments. In order to hold the celebrations outdoors, the block of Seymour outside The Mark was closed off.

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