George Residential Garden

by ConnectLA

Here is a preview of the first phase to be completed of our George project by Marcon Homes.  We are loving the look of the architecture by Shift Architecture, and the quality of construction by Marcon. This is the first part of a much larger project with both townhomes, condos, and a future public park along the completely re-naturalized steam corridor. Once completed, it’s going to be a very cool part of the community for both new residents and the larger neighbourhood.

It’s all part of a larger vision for developing communities that include nature, and create a better living environment for people and wildlife. This section of Dallas Creek was completely channelized and culverted, and essentially invisible. This will be a beautiful part of the legacy for this project, and will include pedestrian trail connections for local residents improving the walkability of the neighbourhood. In the coming year it will also include the creation of a fully public neighbourhood park next to the creek, with play structures and public art.

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