Connect Over Time: Delbrook Community Centre

by ConnectLA

Unlike architecture, landscape architecture evolves through time. The design of the landscape is never fully complete when handed over to the Owner.  Because we work with living things, we must visualize and understand how landscape evolves and ages over time.

For this first post, Marina Rommel, Associate And Senior Landscape Architect, recently visited Delbrook Community Center and was able to take a couple of images we would like to share.  We finished this project in 2018 together with HDR Architects and we are very pleased with how our design vision has taken taken shape.

Among many interesting features, water management was one focal point of this project. Rainwater is collected on the roof and hardscape areas, filtered and stored in below grade cisterns, and reused for non-potable building and landscape uses.  Water Management is also achieved by the selection of waterwise and native plant species, supplied from local nurseries on the Coast. These hardy plants are drought tolerant and rarely require additional watering.

The water design doubles as a rainwater feature and art gateway when entering the park. Rainwater streams down the art piece to sparkle in the sun and is illuminated a night. We like how the colourful shiny surfaces in glass, metals and other materials are combined as an artistic composition, while  integrating and managing water into an architectural expression. 

In summary, we are proud to have designed a major community centre and restorative landscape featuring visible sustainability. Cascading rain gardens, solar shading, streamside restoration, re-use of natural artefacts, and the integration of art with natural play features have created the canvas for time to evolve this design. Have you recently visited Delbrook Community center? If not it is definitely worth a trip. 

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