Sechelt Wellness Garden

by ConnectLA

Working in partnership with the Sechelt Hospital Foundation, Connect prepared a design vision for a Wellness Garden at the Sechelt/shíshálh Hospital. Design workshops were held with the Sechelt Hospital Foundation Board members, along with shíshálh Nation member and representative Steven Feschuk to deliver a vision for a Wellness Garden  – one that enriches community health, strengthens community relationships, and connects with the spirit of place.

Key site objectives focus on a biophilic environment, promoting heath and wellness, all while appealing to the senses and creating a place of contemplation and respite.  Through a workshop process, key values and goals for the vision of the garden were identified. A long-term multi phase vision for the site was developed into a master plan, which included a Phase 1 Sensory Garden, Donor Recognition Courtyard, and Pavilion.

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