Ash & Kettner, San Diego, CA

by connect

The Santa Fe Depot at Ash and Kettner Blvd in San Diego was put on hold in 2008, and is currently restarted as ‘Ash and Kettner’. This high-end residential development sits in San Diego’s Columbia (Waterfront) District features a series of dynamic roof decks and two-storey sky-gardens. A main roof deck at the 7th level provides a swimming pool, spa, and recreation areas. At the upper roof, gathering spaces with vertical green screens create amenity for entertainment and viewing. Sky-gardens are situated at intermediate levels with trees, vines, and viewing alcoves. At grade, an urban mix of street trees, distinctive paving, and entry courts create a pedestrian focus.

Ash and Kettner is one of three San Diego projects Sharp & Diamond is working on with Bosa Development at the moment. Other projects include:

  • Bosa Parcel 1
  • Pacific and Broadway

All renderings designed by project architect Amanat Architects.

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