Ken Spencer Park Small House Exhibit at Science World

by connectadmin

The Ken Spencer Science Park theme is all bout inspiring future sustainable communities and demonstrating different ways our choices can positively influence the natural world. Exhibits are designed to engage in an outdoor classroom setting.


Sharp & Diamond are excited to team up with Science World and Katz Architecture for the Small House Exhibit currently on display at the Ken Spencer Park. The Small House (L41home) by Katz Architecture, is a 220 square foot ultra-compact and energy efficient house.


The exhibit helps teach children about the importance of preserving our resources and lowering our ‘ecological footprint’, says Ken Larsson, Principal with Sharp & Diamond. It is important to understand how good design considers efficient use of water and materials, as well as livability.

Come to the Ken Spencer Science Park and check it out for yourself!



Plants by Golden Spruce Nurseries

Installation by Houston Landscapes

Planters with Irrigation Reservoir by Planters Perfect

Green Roof by Architek




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