St. Mary’s Hospital Awarded SAB Award of Excellence

by ConnectLA

SD is adding another award winning project to it’s list.  St. Mary’s Hospital was recently awarded the Sustainable Architecture and Building Award of Excellence.

St Mary’s Hospital in Sechelt, British Columbia has seen many renovations since it’s opening in 1963, but nothing quite like the scale of the expansion completed in October of 2013. Including an expanded emergency, diagnostic imaging, ambulatory care, special care services, with more beds and private rooms, the design team embarked on a process that centered on reflecting local indigenous themes while taking advantage of the site’s natural beauty.


Inspired by First Nation’s traditions, local wood and stone textures echo the region’s ecology and materials, which also responded to the belief that a connection to nature leads to increased health, healing, and well being. Outdoor gardens also emphasize this philosophy, inviting patients, visitors, and staff to connect with nature.


Sharp & Diamond developed a landscape plan that eliminates the need for potable water for irrigation. Meadow grasses and native bulb planting, along with a seed mix, cover most of the grounds, replacing high-maintenance lawns with easy to care for planting. These areas also act as infiltration gardens to control stormwater throughout the site. Portions of the roof are planted with sedum tiles with fleece mats, further eliminating the need for irrigation.


By prioritizing passive and low carbon energy strategies, significant energy savings are achieved throughout the whole design, from the landscape elements to the building form, ensuring that the investment in public health is an enduring and inspiring achievement. The project exemplifies integrating social interactions and the community, improving clinical environments in ways that come across as art. Sechelt Hospital successfully achieves a LEED Gold level of performance while nurturing connections to culture, nature, and community.


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